Story telling in South East Bight was very popular.  There were many great story

tellers, such as Pius Power Sr, and Pius Power Jr. People gathered at ones house and told stories

and recitations.

    Singing in South East Bight is still very popular.  Every now and then there is a

house party somewhere in the community.  People like Ray Hepditch play the accordion and

others like Tobias Pearson sing.  They all gather at one's home or at the school and have a wonderful time.

 Wakes At Home:  

    About 10 years ago being waked at your own home was common. Now it is most

commonly done in a church, people are no longer waked in their homes.

    The people in South East Bight revolve around the church.  During Lent people

go to church each day for 40 days and pray.  People still go to church even when the priest is not

in the community.  The people in the community have Mass every Sunday and on special


 Baptism At Home:

    Years ago, most people baptized their children at home rather then in

churches.  The priest made house calls and people gathered at a persons home.  Now

everyone is baptized at the church.  For special reasons, the priest still makes house calls.

Shotgun Weddings:

    When a couple got married and left the church they were greeted with a

blast of a shotgun which was fired high into the air.  This has been a tradition for many

years.  Some still use it, while others don't.

    People in the community rely on hunting in the fall each year.  They hunt

moose, rabbit, partridge, ruffed grouse, turr, duck, and other species.  They rely on

this for food for the winter, and nothing is wasted.


    Many years ago people spun there own wool and knitted their own clothes

for the cold Newfoundland winters.  Now, people buy their own clothes while others knit

socks, gloves and sweaters.


    Many years ago people believed that fairies and ghosts roamed the

community and other neighboring communities.  They believed that some were helpful

while others would lead you astray.  Today there is not much talk about  haunted places

and spirits but the belief of spirits is still there.

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