Fox's Pond


 There are a lot of wild animals here in South East Bight.  Just a few of them are:

moose, whales, seals, bears, lines, foxes, and bald eagles.


  The local flora of South East Bight consists of:


  *Pitcher Plant

  *The Lady's  Slipper

  *Berry Bushes

  *Evergreen Trees

  *Spruce Trees

  *Fir Trees



 Water in South East Bight is sometimes very hard to get.  If you want your own water you can go through the process of digging a well.  Some dig their wells from 5 to 6 ft deep.  This is the most common source of water in our community.



Other families run hoses from their homes to one of the many ponds surrounding our community. This water is not usually used for drinking but for laundry and bathroom use.



Recently, St. Anne's school and one other home in the community had artesian wells dug and use this as their water supply.




 Within the last few years people have stopped throwing their garbage directly

into the water.  There are now several places where people of the community can burn

their garbage.  This is healthier for the sea animals that live in our harbours.


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