There are many different pastimes in South East Bight.

Some examples are card games, bingo, volleyball and

darts.  Some of the people in the community take part in

these activities.



      During the winter months, from January to April, the

students and adults from  the community take part in playing

volleyball. We would do this for fun and to pass away time

during the long winter months.  Volleyball ends in March due

to the opening of the fishing season.


Mixed Darts

     On Saturday nights there is Mixed Darts.  It starts in

December and ends in March.  You must be 19 and older

to join.  It cost only two dollars to play. The players are

divided in to teams.  Mixed Darts start at 7:00 PM in the

school gym.


Card Game

        Every January, St. Anne’s Church committee starts

their weekly card game which is held in the

school gym.  They play 45's round robin.  Adults and

children attend this came game every week. There are

three prizes to be given out and a small prize.  It cost two

dollars to play.  The prizes may contain a case of drinks

or home supplies.  This card game ends at the last of

march due to the men and women going back fishing.  The

card game is enjoy by all of South East Bight.



 Every Sunday night, St.Anne’s Church Committee

holds there weekly bingo game.  Bingo starts in September

and ends in July.  Bingo is called by a member of the

Church Committee.  Each week there is a different caller.

The bingo is called out of an old blue bingo machine.  These machines

are no longer made.   Many people come to bingo,

mostly women and children.  The prizes are grocery items

and money.  Bingo is enjoyed by all who attend.


Summer Activities

 Summer in South East Bight is a lot of fun because there are

many things to do.  Many people come to visit

us via the ferry.  Some activities we do are

swimming, water skiing, boating, camping, etc.... In the

evenings some families have barbecues.

 In the summer people enjoy coming to South East Bight.

The summers are packed with fun!!


Winter Activities

 Every winter the people of South East Bight enjoy

going ice fishing, skating, and going for rides on the ski-

doo’s.   On the fine days the whole school goes skating or

just goes outside in the school yard to play in the snow.

Winter in South East Bight is enjoyed by all.


 There are many different pastimes in South East

Bight.  People take part in these activities and enjoy them

very much.  All these activities raise money for different

things.  Because of the money that is raised the people

here can enjoy the benefits of these activities.


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